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Explore the Birthplace of Canada

History of the 1864 Charlottetown Conference

In 1864, twenty-three delegates, a diverse group of elected officials from Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia gathered in Charlottetown for the Charlottetown Conference. The ultimate goal of this meeting was to discuss whether or not the Maritime jurisdictions would unite. However, a larger issue was brought to attention and after much political debate; the spirit of Confederation was born, ultimately leading to the founding of Canada.

Founders' Hall

With a series of multi-media activities using state-of-the-art technology, learning the historical events that led to Canada's birth never gets old. Visit Canada's Birthplace Pavilion and uncover the story of The Fathers of Confederation.

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Province House

Dig a little deeper in Canadian history and see the chamber in which the Fathers of Confederation first met. The Province House National Historic Site is the city's most important landmark and is the seat of PEI's provincial legislature since 1847.

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People Historic Walking Tours

Take a step back in time – literally! Continue your historical journey with a guided walking tour through the streets of Charlottetown's Historic District, escorted by Confederation Players.

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